Yellow Florida Wildflowers
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On this page - Largeflower Primrose-willow, Seaside Primrose-willow, Coastalplain Goldenaster, Chapmans Goldenrod, Golden-club, Canna, Florida False Sunflower, Hooded Pitcherplant, Walter's Groundcherry

Largeflower Primrose-Willow, Ludwigia grandiflora

Largeflower Primrose-Willow flower (Ludwigia grandiflora)

Family - Onagraceae

Habitat - Marshes, Swamps, Lake & Pond margins

Description - Introduced emergent/aquatic herbaceous perennial from South America. May grow as floating mats or upright to over 6 feet tall. Can be invasive. Stems and leaves sometimes have short hairs. Flower is showy, yellow - 2 inches wide with 5, or occasionally 4 petals. Generally referred to as a weed.

Seaside Primrose-Willow, Ludwigia maritima

Seaside Primrosewillow flower (Ludwigia maritima)

Family - Onagraceae

Habitat - Wet Flatwoods, Marshes, Swamps, Banks of streams, ponds, disturbed areas on wet/moist soils.

Description - One of 30 species of the genus Ludwigia in Florida, this native herbaceous plant grows to about 3 feet tall & can be found throughout the state.

Flower - Yellow, with 4 petals & a little over an inch across, produced from spring through fall.

Coastal-plain Goldenaster - Chrysopsis scabrella

Coastalplain Goldenaster (Chrysopsis scabrella)

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Sand Pine Scrub, Rosemary Scrub, Oak Scrub typically on dry sandy soils.

Description - Native annual herbaceous wildflower to 18 inches high, basal rosette of obovate to spatulate, rough textured leaves. Stems leaves are sessile and lanceolate.

Flower - Yellow disk flower.

Chapman's Goldenrod - Solidago odora Aiton var. chapmanii

Chapman's Goldenrod (Solidago odora Aiton  var. chapmanii)

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Pinelands, Sandhill, Scrub, in open areas on well drained sandy soils.

Description - Native, perennial herbaceous wildflower to 3 feet tall. Leaves elliptic, acute apices, short petioles, margins entire, may be undulate.

Flower - Numerous yellow flowers on spikes.

Golden-club, Neverwet - Orontium aquaticum

Golden-club (Orontium aquaticum) colony Golden-club (Orontium aquaticum) Golden-club (Orontium aquaticum) flower stalk

Family - Araceae

Habitat - Shallow water and margins of bogs, marshes, swamps, and streams.

Description - Native Florida herbaceous perennial, the broad blue-green glaucous leaves arising from a thick rhizome (rootstock), 12 - 18 inches high, grows in sun to medium shade and may be immersed or in perpetually wet soils. Flowers are on stalks growing separately from leaves in spring followed by blue-green berries.

Canna, Bandana of the Everglades - Canna flaccida

Canna (Canna flaccida Salisb.) Canna flower (Canna flaccida Salisb.)

Family - Cannaceae

Habitat - Open areas of marshes, margins of swamps and lakes, seasonally flooded Pine Flatwoods.

Description - Florida Native perennial herbaceous plant, leaves are glaucous, elliptic to lanceolate and 19 - 20 inches tall. Raceme inflorescence bearing 2 -3 inch long showy yellow flowers in summer.

Florida False Sunflower - Phoebanthus grandiflorus

Florida False Sunflower (Phoebanthus grandiflorus) Florida False Sunflower (Phoebanthus grandiflorus) Florida False Sunflower (Phoebanthus grandiflorus)

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Sandhill, Dry pine flatwoods

Description - Herbaceous perennial wildflower to 3 feet +/- , endemic, frequent in central Florida - rarely found in South Florida. Sparsely branched stems, leaves are linear to lanceolate, mainly alternate but occasionally appear as approximately opposite. Blooms March through November.

Image - Hooded pitcher plant Image - Hooded Pitcher plant flower Image - Hooded Pitcher plant

Hooded Pitcher plant - Sarracenia minor

Family - Sarraceniaceae

Habitat - Wet flatwoods, Bogs, Marshes

Description - This Florida native Pitcher plant, is listed as threatened and is the southern most member of the species. Growing to 24 inches tall it produces stalked, 3 inch yellow flowers with five drooping petals arranged in an umbrella-like fashion in springtime. The tubular leaves trap ants & other insects where they are digested to supply nutrients to the plant.

Common sowthistle flower Common sowthistle plant

Common Sowthistle - Sonchus oleraceus L.

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Ruderal, Flatwoods

Description - Introduced herbaceous annual, basal rosette of leaves followed by stem leaves that are variable in shape and margin type, characterized by prickles at margins. Yellow flowers are produced year round in Florida.

Walters groundcherry, Physalis walteri Flower detail of Walters groundcherry Walters groundcherry fruit

Walter's Groundcherry - Physalis walteri

Family - Solanaceae

Habitat - Sandy, well drained soils of Pinelands and coastal areas behind the dune line.

Description - Walter's groundcherry is a low growing, perennial native plant. Height is generally 12 inches or less, leaves are opposite, lanceolate, and 3-5 inches long. Flower is pendulant, pale yellow followed by a yellow to orange, papery capsule that contains a single green to yellow berry.