Red Florida Wildflowers
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Indian Blanket Flower - Gaillardia pulchella

Firewheel flower(Gaillardia pulchella)

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Dry Prairies & Flatwoods

Description - Florida native plant, annual or perennial. Subshrub 12 to 24 inches, clump forming, usually wider than tall.

Hairy, velvety textured stems with alternate oblanceolate to spatulate leaves having serrate margins, 4-8 inches long.

Variable yellow, orange and red flowers, 2-3 inches across in summer and fall. Easily grown from seed, Gaillardia is available in several varieties. Drought tolerant once established, requires well drained soil & flowers best in full sun. Self seeding & clump forming. Allow the seed heads to dry thoroughly before collecting. Flowers are attractive to butterflies.

Tropical Sage - Salvia coccinea

Image - Tropical Sage flower(Salvia coccinea)

Family - Lamiaceae ( Mint Family )

Habitat - Hammocks on calcareous soils, Shell mounds

Description -Native annual or perennial herb to 3 feet. Leaves ovate to cordate, margin crenate. Stems square, hairy. can be grown from seed & will re-seed itself from year to year.

Flowers are bright red, tubular, 1 1/4 inches, 2 lipped; upper lip 2 lobed, lower lip 3 lobed with protruding stamens and style, whorled in long clusters. Attracts Butterflies & Humming birds, drought tolerant when established, should be watered during extended dry spells to enhance flowering. Full sun to light, intermittent shade.

Grass Pink - Calopogon tuberosus

Grass Pink flowers - Calopogon tuberosus

Family - Orchidaceae

Habitat - The Grass pink is a terrestrial Orchid common to moist Pine flatwoods, Marshes, Bogs and other moist, sunny, sandy sites.

Description - Flowering occurs from March in South Florida to August in the northern sections of the state. Flowers have six petals, the upper most petal is bearded with splotches of yellow and white while the overall color ranges from light pink to magenta and sometimes white. Leaves are linear, basil, clasping the stem and up to 18 inches long. Flowers are produced on an inflorescence that may be up to four feet tall.

Leafless Beaked ladiestresses - Sacoila lanceolata

Leafless Beaked ladiestresses (Sacoila lanceolata Aubl.Garay)

Family - Orchidaceae

Habitat - Moist to dry open flatwoods, Pastures, Roadsides

Description - Native Florida terrestrial orchid, threatened specie. No leaves present at flowering, the basil rosette of six inch, elliptic to lanceolate shaped leaves appear after flowering which may occur only every 2-3 years and after the first spring rains. Leaves are present until cooler winter weather arrives.

Flower - Coral to Orange-Red with pale red to white lip, 9 - 50 flowers are clustered on a 2 foot inflorescence. There is a variety which produces green flowers and a rare yellow or golden form as well.

Marsh pink - Sabatia grandiflora

Largeflower Rosegentian (Sabatia grandiflora)

Family - Gentianaceae

Habitat - Wet prairie, Wet Pineland, margins of freshwater marshes.

Description - Native annual herb to 3 feet. Linear to filiform leaves 1 1/2 to nearly 4 inches long

Flower - Bright pink, 1 1/4 - 2 inches across, usually solitary. Marsh Pinks often form small colonies giving the appearance of a multiple flowered single plant.

Nuttall's Meadowbeauty - Rhexia nuttallii

Nuttall's Meadowbeauty (Rhexia nuttallii)

Family - Melastomatacae

Habitat - Marshes, Moist and wet Flatwoods

Description - Native herbaceous perennial, 4-8 inches tall. Leaves opposite, ovate.

Flower - Pinkish-purple, 4 petals, 1 inch across.

Procession Flower - Polygala incarnata

Image - Procession flower (Polygala incarnata L.) Image - Procession flower stem (Polygala incarnata L.)

Family - Polygalaceae

Habitat - Dry Prairie, Flatwoods

Description - Annual herbaceous wildflower native to Florida, growing on well drained, dry sandy soils. 8-24 inches tall, leaves are alternate, linear.

Flower - Dense clusters purplish-pink flowers on a tall un-branched inflorescence.

Pink Purselane - Portulaca pilosa

Pink Purselane, Kiss-Me-Quick (Portulaca pilosa) Pink Purselane

Family - Portulacaceae

Habitat - Open areas of flatwoods, disturbed sites.

Description - Native wildflower. Annual or Perennial, Forb, Herb, 1 to 6 inches in height, often prostrate in growth habit. Leaves are fleshy, somewhat succulent in appearance. Usually found on sandy, dry soils.

Flower - Pink to purplish, 5/8 inch across, blooms throughout the year in South Florida.

Florida Paintbrush - Carphephorus corymbosus

Coastalplain Chaffhead flower (Carphephorus corymbosus) Coastalplain Chaffhead (Carphephorus corymbosus)

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Sandhill, moist to wet flatwoods, scrubby flatwoods.

Description - Florida paintbrush is a native perennial herbaceous wildflower to 3 feet when flowering, basal rosette of spatulate leaves, 1 to 3 inches tall. A butterfly nectar plant.

Flower - Purplish-pink on a tall densely pubescent corymb with sessile leaves.

Scarlet Milkweed - Asclepias curassavica

Image - Fewflower Milkweed (Asclepias lanceolata)

Family - Apocynaceae

Habitat - Pasturelands, ruderal.

Description - Not Native. Perennial sub-shrub, 3 to 4 feet tall. Naturalized in central and south Florida. Often grows with pairs of symmetrically arranged stems, leaves are alternate, narrowly oblong to lanceolate, 4 - 8 inches long with entire margins and parallel venation.

Flower - Clusters of brilliant orange and red flowers, attractive to butterflies which are immune to its toxins.

Feay's Prairieclover - Dalea feayi

Feay's Prairieclover (Dalea feayi (Chapm.)Barneby) Feay's Prairieclover - flower

Family - Fabaceae

Habitat - Scrub, Scrubby Flatwoods

Description - Native Florida herbaceous wildflower, perennial, height 18-24 inches, leaves are linear, opposite. Globose spikes of numerous small pink flowers.

Florida snow, Mexican Clover - Richardia grandiflora

Largeflower Mexican Clover

Family - Rubiaceae

Habitat - Disturbed areas, roadsides

Description - Introduced to Florida from S. America, height 4-6 inches, forms dense mats, a common lawn weed in S. Florida.

Flower - Small, white to pinkish-lavender color.

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