Florida Native Trees & Shrubs
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On this page - Pineland Acacia, Hog-plum, Florida Swamp privet, Gray Nicker, Inkberry, Florida Rosemary, Shiny-leaved Wild Coffee, Velvet-leafed wild coffee

Pineland Acacia - Acacia pinetorum

Image - Pineland Acacia (Acacia pinetorum) Image - Closeup of Pineland Acacia (Acacia pinetorum)

Family - Fabaceae

Habitat - Dry Pinelands, Coastal areas

Description - Perennial shrub, small tree to 12 feet, spiny branches, green to grayish-green bipinnate leaf

Flower - Yellow Pom-Pom like flower about 3/4 inch in diameter. Fruit is a curved brown pod 1-3 inches, pointed at the tip.

Wild lime - Ximenia americana

Wild lime, Hog-plum, Tallowwood (Ximenia americana) image Hog plum fruit

Family - Olacaceae

Habitat - Scrub, Hammocks, Dry Flatwoods.

Description - Native perennial shrub, sprawling growth habit almost vine like in nature. 3/4 inch spines at leaf axils. Semi-parasitic on roots of other trees although it does not harm them. Flower is small, white and inconspicuous, the fruit yellow and 3/4 to 1 inch in diameter.

Florida Privet - Forestiera segregata

Florida Swamp privet (Forestiera segregata (Jacq.)Krug & Urb) Florida Swamp privet (Forestiera segregata (Jacq.)Krug & Urb)

Family - Oleaceae

Habitat - Hammocks, Pine Rocklands

Description - Native small tree or shrub 10 feet high with an equal spread. Evergreen or briefly deciduous, dropping its leaves as new grows appears. Leaves are opposite, with entire margins, elliptic to oblanceolate and glabrous. Stems are light gray with raised lenticels. Greenish-yellow flowers are borne in clusters at leaf axils.

Gray Nicker - Caesalpinia bonduc

Gray nicker (Caesalpinia bonduc) Grey nicker fruit

Family - Fabaceae

Habitat - Coastal Strand, Coastal Hammocks

Description - Native perennial vine or shrub with spiny stems to 2 inches in diameter and 15 feet or more in length. Compound, shiny green bipinnate leaf with each leaflet up to 2 1/2 inches long.

Flower - Yellow, 1 inch, 5 petal flowers produced in clusters. Fruit is a 4 inch, flattened spiny pod, brown when mature which splits to reveal 2-3 round hard 1 inch seeds.

Inkberry, Gallberry - Ilex glabra

Gallberry (Ilex glabra) image Inkberry (Ilex glabra) flower detail image

Family - Aquifoliaceae

Habitat -  Moist to wet Flatwoods, Sand scrub, Hammocks, Bogs and Swamps

Description - Native perennial shrub, 4 - 6 feet tall, the leathery leaves are 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches long, simple, alternately arranged with smooth or finely toothed margin, obovate to elliptic.

Flower is greenish white, single at leaf axils followed by round 1/4 inch shiny black fruits that persist through winter.

Inkberry leaves are browsed by Marsh rabbits and White tailed-deer, the fruits are an important food source for Raccoon, Coyote, Opossum and many birds, including Quail and Wild turkey, especially when other food sources are scarce.

Florida Rosemary - Ceratiola ericoides

Florida Rosemary (Ceratiola ericoides)

Family - Empetraceae

Habitat - Sandhill, Sand Pine Scrub, Oak Scrub

Description - Perennial, Subshrub, Shrub, Forb/Herb, up to 6 feet in height with many stiffly erect stems. Leaf 1/2 inch, needle-like, opposite to whorled. Older individuals often have larger branches laying on ground.

Flower - Tiny, bronze to yellowish-brown, produced in clusters at leaf axils.

Shiny-leaved Wild Coffee - Psychotria nervosa

Wild Coffee (Psychotria nervosa) image

Family - Rubiaceae

Habitat - Common in moist areas of coastal, oak and hardwood hammocks. Endemic to Florida within the continental U.S.

Description - Native shrub, 4 - 10 feet in height with elliptical to narrowly obovate dark green shiny leaves, 4 - 6 inches long with veins impressed into upper surface.

Small white flower in clusters produced at leaf axils, fruit is 3/8 inch red or yellow berry that closely resembles the true coffee bean.

Velvet-leafed wild coffee - Psychotria sulzneri

Short leaf wild coffee plant (Psychotria sulzneri) Short leaf wild coffee, leaf close-up

Family - Rubiaceae

Habitat - Wet to moist Hammocks, Flatwoods

Description - Native Florida shrub to 8 feet tall, stems green to reddish-brown, leaves are opposite, 4-7 inches long, oblanceolate with entire margins and blue-green color. Clusters of small white flowers, fruit is a small red berry (drupe) 1/4 inch in diameter.