Florida Native Trees & Shrubs
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On this page - Queensdelight, Saltwort, Beach-creeper

Queens-delight - Stillingia sylvatica L.

Image - Queensdelight (Stillingia sylvatica) plant Image - Queensdelight (Stillingia sylvatica) flowers

Family - Euphorbiaceae

Habitat - Pinelands, Sandhill, Scrub on sandy, acidic soils.

Description - Native herbaceous perennial to about 3 feet in height. Queensdelight has the form of small shrub with multiple stems, leaves are simple, 2-3 inches long with dentate margins, somewhat variable, elliptic to slightly oblanceolate with acute or acuminate apices, sometimes almost linear. Yellow flowers on an inflorescence, fruit is a three sided capsule. This plant can cause rashes on skin contact.

Beach-creeper - Ernodea littoralis

Beach creeper

Family - Rubiaceae

Habitat - Coastal areas - Dunes and scrub in central and south Florida.

Description - Low growing (less than 3 feet) sprawling native shrub, stems root where they make contact with the ground. Leaves are linear to lanceolate, opposite, shiny green to yellowish-green 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long.

Flower - Small (1/2 inch) tubular flowers with 4 re-curving petals, may be white to pinkish or yellowish-white, produced year-round. Fruit is a single seeded, yellow berry.

Saltwort - Batis maritima

Saltwort plant (Batis maritima) Saltwort flowers (Batis maritima)

Family- Bataceae

Subshrub. This native perennial colonizes areas that are occasionally inundated or directly in contact with brackish/salt water, or direct salt spray.

Able to sequester salt away in its leaf cells, Saltwort then sheds the leaf and the excess salt. This gives this plant the ability to grow in places where not many other plants can compete with it.

Saltwort can be found on brackish water river banks, beach dunes, in salt marshes and Mangrove swamps on both the east and west coast of Florida.

Habit of growth is as a sprawling shrub, rarely exceeding 2-3 feet in height. Stems root where they contact soil, older stems are woody, bright green leaves are linear, opposite, succulent with smooth margins. White to yellowish flowers are produced on small spikes in spring and summer. Rough textured, green, berry like fruit.